Protect your investment with proper storage. Preserve your furs with appropriate professional cleaning and handling. Avoid introducing your fur to direct light, plastic wrapping, and hot or humid environments. Our senses are stimulated by the ostentatious luxury of fur. Only a beautiful fur could present such an opulent appearance. The pride you take in your investment shows in how you care for it.


  • Your fine fur goes through a thorough inspection, checking for any necessary repair work before being cleaned.
  • Ram's fur specialists will expertly clean your fur by removing dust and soil. The lining of the coat is sprayed with a cleaning agent to remove ground in soil, makeup, body oils, or any other stains. Removing dust and soil is essential in maintaining the suppleness of the fur pelts.
  • Your fur is then placed into a tumbler drum with fur cleaning compounds, lightly moistened with soil mollifiers, natural oils, and waxes.
  • After gentle tumbling, they are shaken and hand blown to remove remaining compounds from the fur.
  • The linings are then safely and gently steamed for a fresh pressed look.

Ram also cleans your faux (man-made) furs!

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