Business Opportunities


Learn the fundamental methods and techniques to start your own leather furniture repair business from the leader in the leather and fur care industry. Ram has the technology and the training available for entrepreneurs who would like to become a successful part of this industry.

This business opportunity provides everything you need to get started:

  • Hands-on Training Sessions 
  • Field Work
  • National Referral System
  • Toll Free Help Line
  • Start up Supplies
  • Support for Business Opportunities with Training, Certification, and Licensing

You can create a successful business venture by learning the methods and techniques that made Ram the industry leader in leather furniture repair and refinishing.


Ram has made improvements to the industry standards that ensure environmental safety through improved cleaning methods and advanced technology.

Ram is:

  • dedicated to improving processes and procedures to produce a quality job the first timE
  • committed to improving methods that make the environment safe for the community and employees, without increasing cost of doing business
  • compelled to become specialists in the services they deliver
  • driven to learn new technology and old processes from the masters of leather cleaning in Switzerland, to the "tried and true" operations across the United States
  • devoted to perfecting methods of cleaning, refinishing, repairing leather furniture
  • confident in sharing this knowledge and skills of the leather and fur care industry, so others can build a successful business venture

Ram's goals include training and sharing the most successful techniques and management tools, so every entrepreneur becomes a success.

For further information, contact Pat Moffat at 1-800-5-ASK-RAM.

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