Few things are as sacred to an individual as their cherished personal pillow, particularly an expensive down pillow.  Ram can take your pillow, clean the feathers, then return your personal feathers to you in a new slip cover.

Ram can provide estimates and answers to your questions concerning:

  • Custom Sizes
  • Down Mattresses
  • Feather Bedding

Ram understands the attachment we have to our favorite things and provides the care necessary to preserve their condition.

Ram cleans and renews down comforters, too!


While a pillow may not appear soiled, over time, it will require careful cleaning. The pillow slip or cover is bound to be soiled to some degree by perspiration and body oils. Even germs from a cold or flu could linger in a pillow.  That is why when we clean your pillows, the feathers are sterilized and fluffed in an ultraviolet chamber in order to return a fresh, sanitized pillow.

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